CHIA has made a submission to the National Plan to End Violence Against Women and their Children.

This submission is also supported by CHIA Victoria, CHIA NSW, CHIA ACT, CHIA QLD, ACTShelter, QShelter, ShelterWA and ShelterTAS.

Many of our members provide accommodation specifically targeted at women (and their children) who have experienced housing insecurity due to domestic violence, and are amongst the organisations awarded contracts under the Commonwealth government’s Safe Places Program. We understand that safe, secure and affordable housing needs to be available to assist women escaping violence.

Our members also understand the role that responsive tenancy management can play in responding to DFV. CHOs are often on the front line dealing with the fall out of domestic and family violence (DFV) and have an opportunity to make a significant difference through the implementation of well-designed and evidenced policies and procedures. They need to implement approaches to identifying and responding to DFV that assist victims/survivors to either remain safely in their own home or relocate to a safe environment. CHOs also need to engage with perpetrators in a safe and responsible way.

CHIA is making this written submission to express our concern that housing – its provision and management – is not receiving the attention it merits. The silence on housing in the consultation guide is disappointing. Similarly, its omission from the agenda of the Women’s Summit and the apparent absence of housing as an explicit focus of any of the Monash University workshops is a concern.

Download the full submission here