scholarship winners and CHL CEO Steve Bevington

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CHL supports kids dreams

scholarship winners and CHL CEO Steve Bevington

Community Housing Ltd (CHL) has helped four disadvantaged young people achieve their dreams through its scholarship program, which is now in its fourth year.

CHL awarded the cash grant scholarships to young people in Launceston, Tasmania, to help them achieve their sporting, education or artistic goals and set them up for a career.

The program is now fully self-supporting with active participation from the communities its supported, The previous recipients are all still working or studying in their chosen fields.

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Tenancy help on wheels

tenancy office on wheels

Distance and disaster pose no threat to Churches of Christ Housing Services’ (CofCHSL) ability to deliver its housing management services, with the deployment of an office on wheels that can access far-flung communities throughout Queensland.

CofCHSL commissioned a custom mini-van fit-out with the aim of creating a self-sufficient mobile workspace. The result is a sophisticated office on wheels, powered by solar panels backed up with a petrol generator for when there is no power connection available.

CofCHSL General Manager, Frances Paterson-Fleider says the van is used on a daily basis, but could also be deployed to provide support in the event of a natural disaster.

‘It can provide power to recharge mobile devices including phones, laptops and tablets during an emergency,’ Ms Paterson-Fleider says.

‘It also has a signal booster system for mobile phones and internet connections in remote areas, and a UHF radio, ensuring good communications can be maintained at all times.’

On a daily basis, the purpose-built mobile office is able to deliver vital housing management services across a wide geographical area and encourage greater engagement with tenants to ensure they are able to benefit from the service’s partnering activities, Ms Paterson-Fleider says.

The mobile office offers wireless internet and printing, an electric awning, TV with USB and DVD player, secure storage for lap tops and personal items when on the road, and rear seating that can transport up to five people.

It is also equipped with state-of-the-art security cameras, a refrigerator, microwave oven, and a toilet.

 ‘It can be used as a mini conference centre,’ Ms Paterson-Fleider says. ‘It even has fresh water and waste tanks so you can make a cuppa and wash up.’