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Update from CHIA

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, community housing providers across Australia are working to ensure that staff and tenants are supported and services continue to be delivered.
To assist our members to respond , CHIA has compiled a number of resources on the Coronavirus below. As the situation evolves and information and advice is updated we aim to keep the web page updated.   

Please note that this list is a guide only and resources are not necessarily endorsed by CHIA.
CHIA staff are working from home until no longer necessary to do so and are replacing face to face meetings with on line alternatives. Interstate travel has been cancelled.  

Latest News:

Update: 29/05/2020

  • National Cabinet meets today.
    • the federal government is hopeful that the July deadline for states to implement easing could be brought forward by two weeks. (Australian)
      • the general benchmark for further easing is an infection rate of fewer than ten new cases per day
    • will discuss the future of National Cabinet, with speculation of an ongoing role.
    • according to the AFR, Vic Premier Dan Andrews has told PM Morrison that attacks on him from federal Ministers will harm progress on National Cabinet. The Queensland Premier is said to have the same concerns.
    • will unveil national guidelines for safe public transport.
  • RBA Governor Lowe said ’the economy is doing a bit better than was earlier feared’
    • but cautioned against any premature withdrawal of fiscal stimulus
  • ASIC says it is preparing for a spike in payday loans when JobKeeper ends in September.
  • Some of Australia’s foreign aid money ($280m, out of a budget of $4b) is to be redirected away from programmes that require face-to-face engagement (such as scholarships, sports and volunteer schemes) towards countries in the Indo-Pacific (Pacific Islands, Timor-Leste, Indonesia) dealing with pandemic. (SMH)
  • National Party MPs have criticised News Corp’s decision to cease printing 112 local papers and close down 36 altogether. (SMH)
    • Michelle Landry MP called it ‘an absolute disgrace’; Ken O’Dowd MP ‘a major blow.’
    • Sen Canavan said it ‘underlines need to solve the Google and Facebook (revenue) issue sooner rather than later’
  • SEEK Australia data recorded a 40% increase in job ads compared to last month, with a 124% increase in consumer service jobs. (DT)


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For providers: health resources

National Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080

AHURI COVID-19 Resource Hub

Coronavirus info for service providers (NSW Dept of Communities & Justice)

Dept of Health fact sheet on social distancing

DHHS (VIC) Translated resources (posters etc)

NDS: resources including online training courses and state specific resources and alerts

The NDIS commission including an online training module on infection prevention & control for all support workers and those in disability and aged care

General resources from Dept of Health including fact sheets for parents, aged care residents and travellers

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)

Australian Indigenous Health Info Net

Beyond Blue: Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus

Youth: Headspace


 Disability Services Consulting: NDIS Resources (detailed resources for providers and people with a disability) Also free training resources including ‘Supporting people to stay infection free’

the Disease Toolkit for Continuums of Care: Preventing & Managing the Spread of Infectious Disease With Shelters provides useful information on managing infectious diseases in refuge settings

NCOSS recently issued a COVID-19 Community Sector Resource which contains useful information to help plan for business continuity

Pandemic Planning: How Can My Agency Prepare for the Potential Spread of Coronavirus?

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Business support:

JobKeeper fact sheet – employers

Job Keeper fact sheet – employees

The ATO has set up a one stop shop on their website for all matters relating to Covid-19.  Emergency Support Infoline: 1800 806 218

Business hotline for small to medium businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Operations at the business.gov.au 13 28 46 Contact Centre will increase from five days per week to seven days per week, and provide additional hours of support outside standard operating hours for the first month, answering calls from 7am to 11pm AEST.

Health information for employers (download fact sheet here)

Key employment legal issues for multinational employers

Coronavirus: implications for employers

Covid-19: Managing the workplace in the face of the outbreak (Victorian Chamber of Commerce)

Economic Response from Treasury (including financial support for small to medium businesses and staff: fact sheet here)

Covid-19 advice and support for businesses

Coronavirus Business Liaison Unit

Fair Trading NSW: consumer & business rights

Fair Work Australia

Advice on event and travel cancellations due to COVID-19 (FED)

Webcast: Coronavirus Planning, Response, and Recovery

WHO Health

The UK’s National Housing Federation has useful resources here

Housing Europe has published an article on what social housing providers (including HAs) are doing to support vulnerable people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency planning for non profits Coronavirus and beyond (USA)

Blooming HR : eLearning HR module on Coronavirus

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Contacts for general information and health updates in your state:









Media in the housing sector 

ACOSS: Recommendations to Government in response to COVID19 health crisis

Facing the Challenges in the NFP sector

Our community is only as strong as those who are struggling the most

Coronavirus COVID-19: How to look after your mental health when working from home