Media Release

A majority of voters in the battleground seat of Bass believe the federal government has failed to confront the housing rental crisis, with new opinion polling showing people want greater investment in social and affordable housing, amid skepticism that first home owner grants can fix the problem.

The Everybody’s Home campaign is today releasing the results of a survey of 637 voters in the seat of Bass, and a separate analysis of wage and rent data in the electorate.

It shows the surge in rental prices is swallowing an ever larger chunk of the wages of those who’ve had some of the most difficult jobs during the pandemic, in aged care, child care and supermarkets.

An overwhelming majority of respondents (74 per cent –  thought it was either ‘hard’ or ‘very hard’ for people on low-to-middle incomes to buy a home in their community while 77 per cent said the same about renting.

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