Havelock Housing has been operating for over 70 years and now provides safe and secure housing to over 450 people from disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the Canberra area.

They are the largest provider of Disability Housing in the ACT, operating essential 24 hour care packages to enable independent living and housing choices to people living with disability.  Their portfolio of properties includes the heritage listed Havelock House. which is now home to 100 people at any one time, and is of huge cultural importance to the area.

Demand for Havelock’s services is huge, with supply unable to keep up with demand.  The Havelock board has established a growth strategy to address this issue, with organic growth through development and program expansion identified for the coming years.  A leadership team has been designed to match the needs of a growing organisation, with three new roles identified:

Details of these roles and how to apply via Bloom HR can be accessed via the links above.