CHIA, National Shelter & Homelessness Australia will present an online talk next Weds 17 June at 1pm. This will explore the recent work on SHARP, including the recent SGS modelling, as well as the work of the Housing & Productivity Consortium. Presenters include Terry Rawnsley (SGS Economics & Planning), Prof Bill Randolph (CityFutures) and special guest Prof Duncan McLennan (University of Glasgow)

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We would like to thank all presenters and slides from this session can be accessed here:

What is SHARP?

– Why invest in Social Housing as a Recovery Stimulus Package – Modelling the Economic and Job Outcomes

Changing the housing narrative – the HPRC and its planned program

-The Housing & Productivity Research Consortium – The first project

The Zoom recording is here and the password is 3q!u7?F.