This was a joint online event held on 30 March 2021 with the Poverty & Inequality Partnership and CHIA. The recording link for the session is here.

COVID-19 has posed special risks for Australians experiencing poverty and disadvantage. It has presented a particular health and welfare hazard for people experiencing homelessness. The resulting 2020 economic downturn also placed many private renters at risk of eviction due to income loss. And even in social housing, vulnerable tenants faced the possible loss of vital services, as housing providers could no longer operate normally.

Drawing on newly-published research, this webinar will explore the nature and effectiveness of measures taken by governments, NGOs and rental housing providers to minimise pandemic-triggered risks to homeless people and tenants in 2020. The reports are:

Our guest speakers will also discuss how Australia’s responses have measured up to similar efforts in comparator countries, and what lessons can be learned from these experiences.