18 March 2020

At his morning press conference, the PM, Scott Morrison made the following points:

  • Looking at six months for measures, but could be longer or shorter
  • Any measures needed  – you should be prepared to have them in place for six months at least
  • No lock down is planned
  • Indoor crowds limited to 100 for non-essential gatherings – (not public transport, medical and emergency services, courts, airports and shopping centres)
  • Schools will stay open, state governments all agree
  • Strong message to ‘Stop Hoarding’.
  • Aged Care – limitations on visitors to aged care residents (short times, two visitors at one time per day, no-one who has been exposed, no groups, no school groups).
  • Special arrangements for those on end-of-life (facility by facility)
  • ANZAC Day events cancelled (but televised event will occur)
  • Travel advice tightened – ‘do not go overseas’. Bans on people entering not ruled out (this was in response to question)
  • Up to individual sporting codes whether to stop games
  • RBA considering measures over next 24-48 hours
  • Second stimulus being worked on
  • Budget still on May 12 –  That’s the current plan.