The Local Government National General Assembly, was held in Canberra on 19-21 June with around  1000 from across the country.

Housing affordability, and particularly the lack of affordable housing, featured prominently throughout the two days.  CHIA’s CEO had an opportunity to speak about partnerships between community housing and Councils including the accommodation for women who have experienced domestic and family violence developed by Housing Plus, The Orchard in Orange and Link Wentworth’s collaboration with North Sydney Council to redevelop former boarding houses. We also emphasised the role local government should play in the new National Housing and Homeless Agreement .

At the conference there were over 20 motions put on housing from city, regional and remote Councils. These motions called for a housing strategy, investment and funding for support services. Put to the vote was the following ‘this National General Assembly calls on the Australian Government to host a national affordable housing summit to identify the regional, state, and national issues to be addressed to deliver housing solutions to communities through local, state, and federal government in a whole-of-government response to be tailored for respective community needs.

CHIA  will be working with ALGA (the national peak body) to build on the common  interest in housing and what seemed to be an appetite amongst at least some to use council land. CHIA VIC has recently released resources to support joint working between councils and CHOs which could serve as a template for other jurisdictions too.