NHFIC Capacity Building Program – Sector Project Application

  • Provide a project synopsis, summarise the objectives, the outputs / deliverables and amount sought
  • Please provide details of the of Lead Applicant/Project Manager and list all applicants by line
    ApplicantOrganisation- Name and Tier/Type (if appropriate)Contact and Position 
  • NameLocation services provided fromContact (position, mobile number, email) 
  • All projects funded through the grant program must meet capacity in at least one of the four Capacity Grant 'Skills Areas' listed below. Tick all that apply.
  • In this section make the case for funding by including a short explanation that includes (no need to tick):
  • Attach the proposal and explain how the project will be commissioned and managed. If it is proposed to use a particular consultant a reason must be provided i.e. they have already been identified. All consultants will be required to become part of the Panel before approval will be given to commence the project. Include a proposed time line and estimated budget, indicating if appropriate other sources of funding (note the maximum grant available from NHFIC is $20,000 incl GST except where exceptional value can be demonstrated) . Note whether additional funding has been secured and if not how it will be.
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    Max. file size: 128 MB.
    • If the project aims to benefit the sector, generally explain how input / communication with the sector will be achieved during the project.
    • Summarise how the project will be communicated once completed. This could include a formal launch, briefings etc. Summarise how the project will be evaluated - Note how the outputs (if relevant) will be kept up to date, refreshed etc