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CHIA is assisting the Summer Foundation and AHURI to discover more about the availability of specialist disability accommodation through a survey of Community Housing Providers. The survey will help investors and lenders better understand demand and inform housing providers about what to build and where.

SDA providers have until October 5 to complete the national study into the demand for  National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) housing.

There are two focus areas to the survey:

Section 1 – a mandatory survey, which seeks to obtain information about the current SDA dwellings.

Section 2  – an optional survey seeking information about the total number, location (NDIS region), size and type (NDIS design category) of committed new dwelling builds for SDA enrolment. New dwelling builds refer to dwellings that are under construction or soon to be under construction and intended for SDA enrolment.

Organisations that participate in the survey will receive a copy of the SDA Housing Demand final report.

Organisations that complete the optional section of the demand study survey also will receive a copy of the demand study early findings ahead of final report publication.

Summer Foundation will use the results to commission a report to inform investors, lenders and housing providers about demand and where investment is needed. The report will also help identify potential investment risks.

There is also an of the survey fields attached if this is more convenient (e.g.).

Click here to take part in the online survey can be found here, or download the excel version here if you would prefer to cut and paste your SDA data.

Any queries about the survey can be made via [email protected]

More general inquiries about the Summer Foundation Housing and Demand Study project should be directed to [email protected]