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Venture Housing Company Limited (Venture) has lodged a development application for the construction of five new houses for key workers on low to moderate incomes in Tennant Creek.

NT Indigenous enterprise, Dice Australia, is also partnering with Venture in the provision of solar power to these dwellings, thus rendering them even more affordable for their eventual tenants.

Some eighteen months ago, well before the recent sad events, Venture identified and determined the clear need for affordable housing in Tennant Creek, and undertook considerable research of and engagement within the town, particularly noting the constraints on employers, and, ultimately, the local economy, in the successful recruitment and retention of low to moderate income employees caused by the lack of safe, well-built and affordable housing.  This engagement has culminated in today’s announcement of Venture’s initial Tennant Creek affordable housing development project at 90 Peko Road.

This small, unit titled intentional community of five single dwellings will be comprised of two three-bedroom with two bathroom homes and three one-bedroom and bathroom homes, in a safe and appropriately landscaped environment.