COVID-19 update 2nd April

  • Fair Work Commission has proposed changes during pandemic:
    • a new temporary workplace right giving workers, including casuals, access to unpaid pandemic leave if they enter self-isolation
    • allowing agreement to take twice the amount of accrued annual leave at half-pay
    • would operate until June 30
  • Commercial tenants to be offered part deferral/part waiver on rents in package being prepared for Friday’s National Cabinet (AFR)
  • Parliament will sit next Wednesday to pass JobKeeper subsidy. Only around 40 MPs.
  • AMP Chair (and former Chair of Financial System Inquiry) David Murray warns against govt liquidity support for industry super (on moral hazard grounds)
  • Government unlikely to bail out Virgin; more likely to encourage new entrant, say govt sources (AFR)
  • Geoff Wilson (Wilson Asset Management), high-profile campaigner against ALP franking credit policy, says ‘everything must be on the table’ for paying back government debt. Suggests capping to make it ‘more equitable’.
  • ACCI and COSBOA urge wage subsidy to be used to upskill during pandemic
  • NSW government allowing constructions sites special permission to operate across weekends and public holidays (to allow better social distancing with fewer workers on site). (DT)
  • NSW supermarkets and pharmacies also allowed to trade 24/7