20 March 2020

PM and Treasurer press conference:

Federal Budget to be delayed to October 6th
One person per 4 square metres indoors restriction
People should reconsider any unnecessary travel
Flagged potential lock down of neighbourhoods
Relief for tenants in both commercial and residential tenancies (states-led initiative)
Extra aged care funding $446m
Chief Medical Officer stepped up the urgency of social isolation

Separately, the government has appointed Greg Combet to be a Special Adviser on the workplace effects of Covid-19

Watch the press conference here (SBS)

Scott Morrisson announced:

States agreed to work together to identify how relief can be provided for residential tenants: how to provide relief for tenants in hardship, and go through tenancy law to protect those tenants facing hardship to stay in their tenancies over the next 6 months.
WA Government is working with NSW Government in bringing back a framework. They will consider the appropriate triggers for hardship, and what circumstances will be considered to ensure tenants can stay in tenancies. Landlords will have their role to play (for example taking a hit, sharing the burden of the situation)