About the project

How has the COVID-19 crisis affected community housing organisations? CHIA is gathering a national picture through its COVID-19 project. Information will be gathered through a series of monthly online surveys open to all community housing organisations and two-monthly in-depth interviews with a sample of community housing organisations from across Australia. CHIA will use the information to communicate a national picture of the industry and inform advocacy priorities. The project runs until December 2020.

How did the COVID-19 crisis affect your organisation in July?

CHIA’s second survey to understand the trends and emerging issues for the community housing industry as it responds to the COVID-19 crisis is now open.

The survey focuses on your organisation’s experience of the COVID-19 crisis during July 2020. It is open to any community housing organisation, regardless of whether your organisation participated in the first survey held in June 2020.

The survey takes about twenty minutes to complete and your responses will inform the national industry picture and CHIA’s advocacy priorities. We are already using the results from the first survey and there is keen interest in how the sector and its tenants are faring as well as what learnings can contribute to future policy and practice design.

The survey is designed to be completed once for your whole organisation/ group of companies by a Senior Executive. The questions cover a range of topics including financial effects of COVID-19, your organisation’s asset, housing, customer service and human resources management responses, and effects on tenant incomes and housing demand.

CHIA has engaged an independent contractor to conduct the surveys. Your answers are completely confidential.

Take the second survey here

CHIA would like to thank Community Housing Ltd, National Affordable Housing Consortium and the NSW Dept of Communities and Justice for their support of this project.