What is community housing?

Community housing providers (CHPs) are not-for-profit organisations that re-invest any surplus revenue into new housing, better services or improving our properties – not into dividends for shareholders or executive bonuses.

Different types of housing provided by CHOs include:

Social Housing

This type of housing is for people on very low incomes who can’t find suitable accommodation in the private rental market. It may often include groups with very specific needs, for example someone who is escaping DFV, has a disability or is homeless.

Affordable housing

This type of housing is usually defined as housing that is rented at a lower than market rate, often specifically for essential or key workers who have low to medium income levels.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

This is a specific type of housing for people with a disability and high support needs, allowing increased accessibility and better support delivery.

Transitional housing

This is a short term supported housing, aimed at bridging the gap between homelessness and longer term housing.