CHL have developed an apprenticeship program that helps young Tasmanians such as Billy Cadman. Billy joined CHL in 2016 as a trainee apprentice. Since then he has been promoted to Maintenance Assistant Supervisor and was also one of the first members of the CHL Aboriginal Employee Alliance actively advocating for opportunities for Indigenous staff and tenants.

According to Steve Bevington, Managing Director of CHL Group, “It is wonderful to see that Billy’s hard work has got him the recognition and opportunity he deserves. One of the company’s mission is to provide employment opportunities and to develop job skills within the communities it works. We are proud to run a traineeship program since the organisation took over the management of 1,200 public housing properties in the northern suburbs 7 years ago.

“To date we have had 18 trainees, out of which 15 are currently engaged in different areas such as general admin, carpentry, horticulture. 10 trainees have been employed permanently with CHL after the completion of their traineeships. This is a wonderful outcome for the trainees, the community and for CHL,” adds Steve.

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