Yesterday the Constellation Project launched a report produced for the Housing and Productivity Research Consortium: ‘Housing: Taming the Elephant in the Economy’.

This research is a City Futures Research Centre report investigating the ways that Australia’s housing system impacts on financial stability, inequality and productivity. The key finding is that damaging impacts of over-expensive housing are more pervasive than conventionally recognised, and that the Commonwealth Government and the Reserve Bank of Australia should therefore pay greater attention to this issue.

The reports can be found via the links below:

Housing: Taming the elephant in the economy [full report]

Housing: Taming the elephant in the economy [4-page summary]

Housing: Taming the elephant in the economy [videoclip summary by Prof Duncan Maclennan – 11 mins]

Media coverage of the report so far includes  the SMH/Age and a 10 minute interview with Prof Maclennan on ABC RN Breakfast.

The media release in support of the report can be found here.

A recording of the launch event can be viewed here (1hr)