To launch Homelessness Week 2020, national homelessness peak Homelessness Australia and national housing and homelessness campaign Everybody’s Home have released interactive heatmaps that show how wide-spread homelessness is and how drastically Australia needs more social housing. The data shows that homelessness and shortfalls in social housing are problems in every electorate in Australia, with electorates from rural Northern Territory, inner-city Sydney, the inner suburbs of Melbourne and Far North Queensland all amongst the worst affected. According to the data, Australia has a social housing shortfall of about 433,000 properties and around 116,000 people are homeless on any given night. The data is available from this link.

The As part of Homelessness Week, Homelessness Australia and Everybody’s Home are calling on all federal MPs to sign a social housing pledge committing to investment in social housing to help end homelessness, and also deliver urgently needed jobs.

Full media release here