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CHIA Media Release: Build back better with community housing organisations

‘COVID-19: Rental housing and homelessness policy impacts’, the new report published by the UNSW-ACOSS Poverty and Inequality Partnership, demonstrates how much can be achieved with a ‘can do’ attitude. To protect from the pandemic during 2020, over 12,000 people sleeping rough were helped with emergency assistance. This has been followed by a significant step up in state-funded social housing construction, with 7,500 plus new homes planned over each of the next four years – well over double the 2-3,000 per annum that had become the disappointing norm over the past decade.

The Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA) congratulates Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania on their pandemic response and its members welcome the opportunity to play a prominent role in delivering the high quality, energy-efficient homes so badly needed by lower income Australians.


Download the full media release here

CHIA & NHFIC: results from the COVID-19 impact interviews

CHIA & NHFIC interviewed leaders from 30 community housing organisations during June and July 2020 to find out how they responded to the challenges of the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis which emerged in Australia in March 2020.

The report outlines the key findings from those interviews as they relate to business continuity, financial impacts, general customer services, asset management, housing management, access and demand, human resources, learning from COVID-19.

CHIA’s report: ‘Responding to COVID-19: What we learned from talking to CHOs’  can be accessed here

NHFIC’s report ‘Australia’s social and affordable housing sector: A resilient response to COVID-19’ can be accessed here.

Audio file of the presentation session here

Update 13/05/2020


  • Treasurer Frydenberg has tested negative for Covid-19. (He was tested after coughing fit in Parliament yesterday)
  • Fears of trade war with China, after they banned meat imports from four Australian abattoirs. (SMH)
    • Trade Minister Birmingham seeking urgent talks with Chinese counterpart.
    • Dairy and wine industries worried that they might be next in line.
  • Senate Select Committee on Covid-19 sits today (9am). Witnesses: Dept of Health, PM&C, NCCC, NIAA.
  • Attorney General Porter has signalled Govt may limit enterprise agreement variations to twelve months. (AFR)
    • follows One Nation suggestion (and Porter needs their vote in Senate on potential disallowance motion).
  • Fair Work Commission chief Iain Rodd says that minimum wage panel is obliged to go ahead with decision by June 30. (AFR)
    • ACCI has called for the govt to give the FWC discretion to delay in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Increased pressure for JobKeeper scheme changes:
    • Coalition MPs Warren Entsch and Craig Kelly have called for JobKeeper to be extended in some circumstances. (Australian)
    • Jason Falinski MP pressing to phase it out when schools return. (Australian)
    • Labor will seek to extend JobKeeper to university workers and entities owned by foreign governments through a disallowance motion. (Guardian)
  • Health Minister Hunt will elevate importance of mental health issues with creation of new position of Deputy CMO for Mental Health. (Australian)

Joint letter to Prime Minister & NSW Premier

CHIA participated with the following organisations to write to the Prime Minister and NSW Premier in support of a number of essential initiatives aimed at boosting social and affordable housing in the post Covid-19 recovery phase.

These organisations include: Australian Institute of Architects, the Centre for Social Impact, the Community Housing Industry Association, the Community Housing Industry Association NSW, the Constellation Project, Homelessness NSW, National Shelter, the Planning Institute of Australia, Shelter NSW, the UNSW City Futures Research Centre and the Women’s Community Shelters.

The full letter can be viewed here.