Venture Housing Company, in collaboration with Zest Projects, has completed its first Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) apartments in Palmerston, near Darwin.

The eight new and spacious apartments are fully accessible, having been built and certified to Platinum Level LHA standard.

The properties have set a high benchmark for future SDA dwellings; the two-bedroom, one bathroom units and three-bedroom, two bathroom units, all have courtyards. They are housed within a complex that has been designed for its ease of access, which  also offers a separate carer’s overnight assistance unit and an accessible swimming pool.

Also in this complex, Venture has three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments with large balconies that will be available at below market rent under the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS),  for low to moderate income earners in the Territory who are struggling to find suitable, affordable accommodation.

These properties will be targeted at key workers who are vital to the Territory’s economy, such as those in the retail, hospitality and trade sectors.

Venture is a ‘For Purpose’ (not-for-profit), housing provider of safe and affordable housing options for Territorians with a strong vision for growth.  To achieve this, Venture works with a number of stakeholders including the Northern Territory Government, the private sector and other non-government organisations through partnerships to deliver housing projects.

Venture also provides and manages housing for seniors and is working towards innovative solutions to the provision of housing for disadvantaged groups in the community.

Potential tenants can visit Venture Housing’s website for vacancies and eligibility criteria.