COVID-19: Update 29/04/2020

  • Health minister Greg Hunt says US authorities would not be able to access data collected by COVIDSafe app, based on advice from Attorney General.
    • Hunt: ‘there is no application to the US law in relation to this app… In any event, the Biosecurity Act determination trumps it.’ (SMH)
  • China reverberations:
    • Chinese Embassy leaks conversation with DFAT Secretary Frances Adamson; DFAT objects to breach of protocol and questions account.
    • Chairman of National Foundation for Australia-China Relations, Warwick Smith, stepped down weeks ago, understood to have ‘held concerns’ about the new body. (Australian)
    • Andrew Hastie MP suggests that Australia should take back the Port of Darwin to reassert our sovereignty. (DT)
  • Former Treasury Secretary Ken Henry says government response has been ‘very good’. (ABC RN)
    • Expects that government will be looking at adjusting JobKeeper to wind back early if unused.
    • Doubts that JobSeeker will go back to original level, and says it shouldn’t.
  • And the FT has Bondi Beach on the front page.