• PM says National Cabinet will discuss the baseline restrictions in week beginning May 11.
    wants domestic travel opened soon, but international travel will remain restricted: ‘I can’t see international travel occurring anytime soon.’ (except for NZ)
  • ‘government sources’ say May 11 week meeting may see restrictions limiting gatherings to two or three people lifted to larger groups such as ten. (Australian)
  • China developments:
  • Coalition backbenchers (Hastie, Wilson, Canavan) express anger that Twiggy Forrest invited Chinese Consul-General to speak at a Ministerial press conference. (Australian)
  • Health Minister Hunt has stated that it is not the government’s position that the virus began in a Wuhan wet market, that the original source ‘has not been determined,’ but that it was early spread within a wet market. (Australian)
  • PM Morrison has told Cabinet that there is no evidence to support the ‘Wuhan laboratory’ theory of Covid-19 origins, according to SMH.
  • Sarah Henderson MP (Lib, Corangamite) has called for Victoria to end its Belt and Road agreement with China. (Australian)
  • Tasmanian Premier Gutwein will today announce plans for relaxations, including National Parks and green spaces. (Mercury)
  • NT Chief Minister Gunner will release a road map for lifting restrictions, with the goal of normality by early June. (Australian)
  • A NSW Cabinet-in-confidence document says outdoor gathering will be the next freedom, along with outdoor gym equipment and playgrounds. (Daily Telegraph)
  • Allowing larger outdoor gatherings slated for next month. The document presents a matrix of economic benefit, well-being benefit, and Covid-19 risk.